Food Journal Evaluation - In Person or Long Distance: $65 investment

Looking for some dietary fine-tuning? I will analyze your 3-day food journal, give you feedback on what you’re doing well, 3-5 action steps to get you closer to your goals, and some resources to help you implement those action steps. We’ll review the plan in a 30-minute consultation done in-person, over the phone, or on Skype. This is a great option for those looking for a basic, get-your-toes-wet, introduction to nutritional therapy.  Food Journal evaluation and consultation is always a component of the One to One Client care.

Initial Consultation Package - In Person: $250 investment

The initial package consists of two appointments. The first appointment will last approximately 1.5 hours and consists of  a detailed health history followed by a clinical exam.  The goal at this time is to identify what support your body needs to get you on your path to better health.  We will work together to uncover the root of your symptoms.   We will review your next steps together, and I will email you the detailed plan within 48 hours.

The second appointment is a 30-minute follow-up approximately two weeks later to see how things are going and make any tweaks to the plan. Together we will decide how we want to proceed with follow-up support.

This initial package includes email support between the two consultations and 4 total hours of care.

Follow-up Care or Hourly Consultations - In Person or Long Distance: $75/hour investment

Frequency will be based on your individual needs.  Sessions typically involve review of a current Food Journal, Symptom questionnaire and a brief clinical evaluation if local.   Together we will tailor an approach that helps you reach your goals.

Take Back Your Kitchen!  $150 Investment for the package of both below:

Clean Out Your Kitchen - $100 Investment

Are you ready to let go of the processed foods that no longer server you or your family?  Are you wondering what should I keep just in case and what should I just get rid of for good?  I will work with you to go through your kitchen to put aside the past  for donations to a food bank or for the trash.  $100 Investment

Time to ReStock - $75 Investment

Getting rid of what no longer serves means making room for what does serve.   It can be overwhelming at first figuring out what to purchase and what to keep on hand.  Let me help you get started with some basics including a trip to the grocery store!